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1970 - Bachelor of Arts, Sir George Williams University
1976 - LL.B., University of Western Ontario
1978 - Call to Ontario Bar
Professional Activities and Organizations
Human Resource Professional Association of Niagara member Lincoln County Law Society Law Society of Upper Canada


Tel: (905) 346-0775 ext:735

Barry W. Adams,
B.A. LL.B.


Human Resource Management Advice

Regularly advises human resource practitioners on legal issues implicated in personnel policy development; plant rule development; compliance with employment-related legislative changes; grievance procedure administration; attendance management programs; modified work/return to work/accommodation issues.



Barry’s Labour Relations Experience

Labour Boards - Regularly represents the management interest before the Ontario Labour Relations Board and Canada Industrial Relations Board on certification proceedings and related Unfair Labour Practice complaints; decertification proceedings; related employer/sale of business proceedings; appeals of employment standards officer orders; and construction industry grievance arbitration

Collective Bargaining - Regularly provides collective bargaining advice and representation including first contract and renewal contract negotiation and all related strike/lockout preparation and advice

Collective Agreement Administration - Regularly advises clients on contract interpretation, grievance investigation and response and regularly appears before boards of arbitration including related grievance mediation and settlement discussions across the full spectrum of workplace disputes

Employment-Related Agencies - Regularly advises employers on matters arising from statutory agencies including human rights, employment standards, workplace safety and insurance; employment insurance; occupational health and safety complaints and proceedings: respond to complaints; appears as counsel before related administrative tribunals

Judicial Review - Regularly advises and represents clients on appeals from decisions of various administrative tribunals



Barry’s Employment Law Practice Experience

Employment Contracts - Regularly advises non-union employers and employees on drafting and interpreting employment contracts

Workplace Disputes - Regularly advises non-union employers and employees on various workplace issues including performance evaluation, harassment, disability, accommodated, employment and statutory compliance

Termination of Employment Litigation - Regularly advises non-union employers and employees on employment termination issues including severance packages, reference issues, and benefit issues, as well as negotiation of termination settlements. Prosecutes and defends wrongful dismissal actions at all levels of the trial and appellate courts.

Departing Employee Litigation - Regularly prosecutes and defends actions involving departing employees related to fiduciary duty, trade secrets and restrictive covenants



Professional Activities, Organizations, and Awards

Human Resource Professional Association of Niagara member
Lincoln County Law Society
Law Society of Upper Canada