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Mandatory Mediation in Civil Litigation Cases

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Legal Considerations for First Time Landlords

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What happens to our property if my spouse passes away?

Understanding the most common types of commercial litigation

Understanding defamation - libel or slander

Employers responsibility: workplace sexual harassment

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Time restrictions for your right to sue for a motor vehicle accident

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How can a business go bankrupt?

What happens in a civil trial?

What happens at a sentencing hearing in Ontario?

Considerations to make before signing a commercial lease

Tips for negotiating a real estate purchase agreement

Your duties as the executor of a will

Types of Personal Injury Claims

How do I know if my severance is fair?

How and when can I start a lawsuit?

How are child table support payments determined in Ontario?

How to ensure your hiring documents are drafted properly

These are your rights if you are arrested or detained in Ontario

How can I ensure my business contracts are legally binding?

How to properly prepare closing documents in a real estate transaction

How are damages assessed in a personal injury case?

How to reduce your estate costs

What issues in a contract frequently give rise to dispute?

Do I Need A Lawyer To Handle My DUI Case?

These are the options if you are wrongfully dismissed

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How to get the personal injury compensation you’re entitled to

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This is what to think about when you’re making a will

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How to minimize your risks as an employer

You were wrongfully fired in Ontario. Now what?

You’ve Been Charged With a Criminal Offense. Now What?

Should My Business Be a Corporation, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship?

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Here's why you need a will

Why you shouldn't represent yourself in a Family Court proceeding

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Employers: This is when you’ll need an employment lawyer

When employees should hire an employment lawyer

This is when you need to hire a criminal lawyer

When and why you need to hire a business lawyer

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When to hire a personal injury lawyer

The estate planning questions you will be asked by your lawyer

What to expect from your first meeting with a Family Law Lawyer

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How to prepare to meet with your Niagara civil litigation lawyer

How to prepare to meet with your St. Catharines employment lawyer

How to prepare to meet with your St. Catharines criminal lawyer

How to prepare to meet with your Niagara business lawyer

How to prepare to meet with a Niagara real estate lawyer

How to prepare to meet with a St. Catharines personal injury lawyer

How to prepare to meet with a Niagara Estate lawyer

How to prepare to meet with a St. Catharines Family Law lawyer


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